Risk Management

Risk management and transparent corporate governance are crucial cornerstones for asset managers in order to enjoy sound, sustained growth in volatile markets.

At Estlander & Partners, risk assessment and disciplined risk management are integral to our development. A rigorous approach to risk not only optimizes all positions for the best possible outcome, but effectively manages the downside investment risk. A process-driven approach ensures that investors are comfortable with their decisions and that they are in good hands.

A highly diversified investment portfolio is crucial for risk diversification. We trade equity indices, commodities, fixed income and exchange rates on the most liquid and transparent markets around the globe. We only deal in the most liquid exchange-traded instruments and in major exchange rates. Our funds are segregated and we choose our partners carefully among reliable institutions. Cash is managed efficiently and safely and our clients enjoy up to daily liquidity. Our computerized, quantitative investment models hold positions over a wide variety of time frames. Data gathering is done from cross-checked price vendors.

A dedicated Risk Manager oversees the portfolio positions and trading operations. Controls and integrity checks are carried out on critical parts of the decision making process and results are reported and verified. Stress tests of portfolio and proprietary strategy specific risk measures are also computed on a daily level. Valuation of positions is carried out independently each day.

A culture of risk management