Research and product development is an ongoing process at Estlander & Partners; we are committed to constantly reappraising and improving our investment strategies.

Our long-standing relationship with several Finnish universities has allowed us to build a selected team of ten R&D employees  from diverse backgrounds. Highly qualified, each member of this tight-knit team typically holds a PhD in mathematics and finance or an MSc in physics and engineering. Their strong quantitative skills are backed up with solid trading experience.

The lateral thinking ability of disciplined, academic minds have enabled us to independently develop investment products throughout our company’s lifetime. We have stuck to the clear principles of capturing market trends with disciplined risk management.

We believe research is critical to stay one step ahead of the competition. In a world where market prices, risk appetite, liquidity, information access, systems and regulations constantly change, R&D helps illuminate new ideas and shines a light on future possibilities.

Estlander & Partners relies on a solid R&D team made up of sharp minds from different academic backgrounds. From varying disciplines, these skilled researchers are trained to be creative, rigorous and dynamic.