Our Values

We have carefully selected four core values that inspire us and in our opinion support us in successfully pursuing our vision and mission. We have done so by involving the whole team to define their core personal values with the target of reaching a situation where the personal and corporate values are aligned. Our belief is that through this we can maintain a high level of inspiration, which in turn will enable sustainable performance and a high degree of continued loyalty to the team.

Client success

Our goal is to help our clients achieve superior investment success and peace of mind when it comes to investment risks. The quality of our services should be of the highest standards, filling our clients’ needs for solid returns over the investment cycle, as well as providing diversification to make their investment portfolios more efficient. With a personalized client service we want to understand our clients’ needs thoroughly, and serve them accordingly. We want our clients to understand what we do, and we appreciate client dialogue and requests at all times.

Employee Focus

We are a team that works together to achieve our vision. We see our work as an opportunity to grow both professionally and as human beings. Giving and taking responsibility is an important part of this process. We show each other respect both as co-workers and as individuals and give each other recognition for the work we do. Bringing our own inspiration into what we do gives our team members further inspiration. Helping each other is a matter of course to us. Our organization meets the highest professional standards but we also remember that work is fun when we recognize and inspire each other.


Being clear and honest about what we do, why we do it, and how we do it, builds trust; and trust is vital to a healthy organization. We value clear and transparent message internally and externally; and we praise authenticity and integrity in our communication. Clear communication should be part of our everyday life.


To us accountability means being responsible and reliable. We take pride in keeping our promises, and whenever keeping a promise turns out to be impossible, we inform the other party in due time. This is just as important in external relationships as it is internal ones. We support excellence by acting accurately in our daily work. We are open to new challenges, carefully consider new opportunities, and are accountable for what we do and what we don’t.