Our Brand

The name Estlander & Partners presents the firm as an association of different talents which have been aggregated by the founder, Martin Estlander, around a shared set of values. Our name signifies the founder’s leadership and his conviction that a collective mind, combining different competencies and backgrounds, is critical to succeeding in today’s challenging market environment.


The birch trunk cross-section stands for the vitality of Estlander & Partners and our belief in organic growth to ensure sustainable success. This icon offers a visual translation of the long and solid track record of our strategies whilst evoking our Finnish origin, as birches are representative of the large forests that Finland is known for.

The yellow center of the cross-section conveys clarity and light, and signifies our belief in progress and our confidence in the future. We are committed to developing a methodical framework with a clear point of view.

The concentric annual rings of the birch trunk cross-section and their yellow center constitute a reference point which indicates a sense of direction, chosen because we have always stuck to our core business and maintained our bearings.

The Estlander & Partners brand stands for commitment, stability, focus, aggregation of R&D-driven models and experience-driven trading, all underscored by a passion for constant improvement.